Dive Management made simple with BLU

Dive Management for Scuba Divers

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Built to steamline and enhance your experience


    Built to provide maximum flexibility in the fewest clicks and swipes possible by seamlessly integrating multiple data providers


    Assign an editable log to every diver within a schedule -- whose blogged content can then help promote your next dive


    Easily define an individual price for every diver or allow them to self enroll requiring just your swipe to confirm their participation


    Integrated messaging means that a simple schedule date change is never complicated and assigning someone a rain check dive has never been simpler


Engineered for dive stores

Package Types

Yearly, monthly, hourly or just a package with individual pricing and exclusions


Full merchant account integration—or use 0.01 to bypass payment completely


Create a package, add a dive component and invite a couple of new divers in under 30 seconds


Manage a rescheduling nightmare with a single package and unparalleled ease

See me?


Reduce overhead, improve efficiency and maximize exposure

  • Liveaboard

    For reduced internet access

    $ 99 per month
    • Virtual Server (Edge AI)
      Blazing speeds within your Wifi—Hotspot/Wifi auto syncs with BLU Servers
    • Integrated Mini-Server & Wifi Hardware available but not necessary
  • Enterprise

    Busy and multi-national stores

    $ 4k per year
    • High volume usage
    • BETA Eligible
    • Shared Calendar (BETA)
    • Earn extended FREE usage and lifetime reduced rate when you are first in your area

— All Dive Stores receive hands on support which includes email, chat and telehone communication
— Monies earned by BLU from transactions are returned as a cash back reward
— Edge AI serves BLU from a MAC or PC—Intelligent sync connects with BLU over any available internet connection
— Automated and Advanced SEO guarantees increased organic exposure

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Technology Gap

BLU is an App and Dive Management solution for professionals. We have pre-populated our system with over 6000 stores worldwide, and chances are you've landed on our site because you received an email generated by one of our divers who found your store.

We work to populate dive sites that you dive, providing a much needed resource for our community and a reason for divers to download our App. We built features for schedules and packages focussed on usability, because that's what professionals like you have asked for. Completely mobile, almost entirely data entry free, while actionable tasks are completed in seconds not minutes. When divers publish public content on our Scuba Diving Directory that drives traffic directly to you.

We promote your schedules and packages because that drives users to BLU. There is no setup fee or hidden cost, we take pride in our friendly customer service and we offer dedicated phone support for all of our dive stores on BLU.

Take a step forward with us—let us show you an easier way.

Own a Dive Store?

Find your store, then using your email, we will send you a link to streamline (5 key press) setup of BLU on your phone. After installation you will be directed to the web app to complete setup.
Select NOT ON BLU if you cannot find your Store.

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