Dive Management made simple with BLU

Dive Management for Scuba Divers

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Diver Relationship Management

A unique approach designed uniquely for OUR industry


    Built by divers for divers, our software is focussed on ease of use, cutting costs and saving you time by implementing the features you need


    The easier it is for your divers to find and pay you the better. Whether in-store or via BLU, we provide effective management of your divers


    Every business benefits from effective marketing—we've made it simpler and more affordable than any other product on the market


    Unlimited and secure, your staff can interact with your existing divers without anyone having to share personal details like email or phone


    You're probably already using it—we make it better—with a few clicks you can choose which events should also be on BLU without have to retype anything


    We offer a software platform to facilitate your interaction with your divers, so we will never sell equipment you might sell, nor offer diving services directly to divers; we will never charge you a fee to list your schedules & packages on BLU and we will never promote one dive store over another


Engineered for ease of use by any staff member


Designed to take the headache out of your yearly Dive Team membership, with weekly/monthly dives setup in seconds and linked schedules that auto invite every member to your next dive


Promote your upcoming dives and courses—if you don't reach the minimum head count rescheduling or moving divers from one event into another has never been simpler


Sell Multi-Dive Packages and apply one of them to any upcoming schedule—never worry about keeping track ever again—simple and efficient for you and your divers


In seconds Staff Members can capture details of people who walk into your store, and onboard them directly into their next dive or course; so you never have to add people manually to your marketing list again


Integrated scheduling at NO cost to you or your diver


    Know exactly who wants what before they turn up at the store—override the cost and delete items with a click—this can integrate with our QR tags for even more efficiency


    Schedules are a core part of BLU and as such, public schedules appear on our Dive Site Directory and with just a few clicks you can email your audiences


    Define an individual price for all divers, or allow them to self-enroll; this requires just your swipe to confirm their participation


    Integrated Google Calendar offers a few clicks to add schedules to BLU and also includes shared diver and staff availability—rescheduling is a breeze

Not just an App

You simply can't do everything on a small screen—designed for tablet and larger

See me?


Don't settle for square pegs—engineered for OUR industry

  • Free for ever

    Up to 5k Imported Contacts

    $ 0 forever
    • Marketing CRM & Email Builder with Templates, Branding and unlimited audiences
    • No limit or fees for Staff Members
    • Schedules, Packages & Chat
    • Personalized Markers for Dive Sites
      Your Divers see the name of your Dive Store
    • Google Calendar Integration **
    • 1.5% Transaction FEE **
    • Companion Web App Extended Login
    • For Dive Stores & Dive Expeditions

    • See Comparison Chart
  • Enterprise

    More Than 10k Imported Contacts

    $ 39 per month
    • Everything in the light version
    • Push Notifications with images
      Unlimited and often better than email
    • SMS Marketing US only @ $0.0097 p/msg
    • 0% Transaction FEE **
    • 170k+ scaled @ $10 p/ 5k emails **
    • Only pay for what you send

    • See Comparison Chart

— All Dive Stores receive hands on support which includes email, chat and telehone communication
— Transaction fees exclude the required Gateway & Merchant Account for processing see comparison chart
— Email Pricing is scaled—you only pay for the emails actually sent—we also offer customized plans for higher volume
— Google Calendar provides advanced features for scheduling

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Why BLU?

We built BLU with a dual focus—to bring value to our industry by providing software that saves you both time and money and to provide divers with an App that helps them to log and share their dives for free.

There is no commitment to use BLU and we offer dive stores, the most affordable marketing platform available today. Supporting in-store payments, we offer transaction FREE processing; so we hope you give us a chance to prove that we can add value to your operation.  BLU is your App, and divers can interact with you in a way that simply isn't available from any other provider.

BLU is built as a private application to support your divers, and the App is centered around dive sites; so as the platform grows, new divers will find you connected to the sites that you dive. We never share, sell or market directly to your contacts. BLU is the only Dive Management solution that offers an integrated marketing platform at its core, which means we can offer more for less.  We also offer unique tiny QR tags that bind with your rental equipment and are designed to work with an integrated rental and recovery system.

We've built a Dive Site Directory with customized markers, so your divers will see your name when hosting their Dive Log Watch Parties.

In future we hope to host and support dive expeditions and more Citizen Science Projects, all of which means more attention to your dive sites and more divers to your store.

Own/Work @ Store?

Find your store, if your email matches the one we have on file, you will be able to edit your store after installing BLU. If your email does not match, after installing BLU, a notification of your connection request will go out to this store. After installation you will be directed to the web app to complete setup.
Select NOT ON BLU if you cannot find your Store.

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