Dive Management made simple with BLU

Dive Management for Scuba Divers

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Built to steamline and enhance your experience


    Enhanced integration between App and tablet/desktop browser improves workflow


    Assign an editable log to every diver within a schedule -- whose blogged content can then help promote your next dive


    Define an individual price for all divers; or allow them to self-enroll, this requires just your swipe to confirm their participation


    Integrated Google Calendar offers incredibly simple yet powerful scheduling through shared diver and staff availability


Engineered for dive stores


Build a dive course or dive package then promote via Email, Text or Push Notification with just a few clicks


Start immediately with BLU—or set cost to $0.01 and let your diver pay in store


Create a package, add a dive component and invite a couple of new divers in under 30 seconds


Manage rescheduling with unparalleled ease

See me?


Manage your clients without sharing your clients

  • Liveaboard

    Eligible after 250 Imports

    $ 33 per month
    • Everything in the FREE version
    • Virtual Server (Edge AI)
      Blazing speeds within your Wifi—plus auto sync
    • For reduced internet access
  • Enterprise

    Eligible after 500 Imports

    $ 4k per year
    • Everything in the FREE version
    • Certification Integration (BETA)
    • Merchant Integration
    • No transaction fees

— All Dive Stores receive hands on support which includes email, chat and telehone communication
— Edge AI serves BLU from a MAC or PC—Intelligent sync connects with BLU over any available internet connection
— Email, text and push editing tools are integrated into Promote & Notify
— Google Calendar and Google Drive provide advanced features for schedule and document management

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Paying Forward

BLU is a Dive Management solution for professionals and divers. We have pre-populated our system with thousands of stores worldwide, and chances are you've landed on our site because you received an email generated by one of our divers who found your store.

We work to populate dive sites that you dive, providing a much needed resource for your divers and a place of discovery for new divers. We built features for schedules and packages that will save you, your staff and your divers precious time.

Unique dual screen mobile and desktop management tools that strive for ease of use with tasks completed in seconds not minutes. We sponsor scubadive.app, an aspiring nonprofit that promotes diving, so when your divers share their dive logs, their content brings new divers to you.

We help you to promote your schedules and packages for free because that's how we grow the diving industry. There is no setup fee or hidden cost, we take pride in our friendly customer service and we offer dedicated phone support for all of our dive stores on BLU.

Take a step forward with us—grow your business and grow the industry.

Own/Work @ Store?

Find your store, if your email matches the one we have on file, you will be able to edit your store after installing BLU. If your email does not match, after installing BLU, a notification of your connection request will go out to this store. After installation you will be directed to the web app to complete setup.
Select NOT ON BLU if you cannot find your Store.

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