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Dive Management for Scuba Divers

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Unprecedented access to professionally managed content and schedules


    Discover dive spots and a local store to get you there, view logs from other divers and find buddies for your next dive

  • MAPS

    Discover more by panning through the world; clicking on dive sites populated by BLU and local dive stores


    You pay stores directly, and we do not impose a fee, so you always get the best price


    Inline translation, phrase command; use of group chats to share images, videos and map locations

Share With Buddies

Keep your diving world and buddies together in one convenient place


Connect with new buddies at your next site without having to share personal details


Discover profiles of buddies already connected to dive sites who are looking for divers like you


Share your location on a map with everyone in a chat group


Invite your existing buddies to join you using their email or text capable phone#

See me?


We hope to inspire divers and support professionals

  • Pioneer

    Contribute level access

    $ 24 per year
    • Populate Schedules
    • Technical Log Entry (BETA)
    • AD Revenue Share (BETA)
    • Must be nominated by a Dive Store (minimum Advanced Diver)
  • Professional

    Working diver full access

    $ 0 forever
    • Work at Multiple Stores
    • Populate Packages
    • Shared Calendar (BETA)
    • Must be nominated by a Dive Store (minimum Dive Master)

— All divers receive email and chat support
— Proof of certification is required for Pioneer & Professional eligibility

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Time to Dive More

BLU is an App that provides detailed information about dive sites around the world and connects you with local dive stores offering rentals, excursions and dive packages. Connected to dive sites, you can also find divers just like you looking for buddies.

Spend time before your next dive reviewing public logs from divers sharing their dive profile, images, videos and notes. Inline translation means you can now discover local content in a meaningful way. Follow the journeys of active Pioneers or inspire others with your own adventures.

Our Scuba Dive Site Directory promises to deliver a comprehensive world wide dive site directory, and is the first resource of its kind. So, if you have a dive coming up and your site is not yet listed, let us know and we will work to get a local store and the site setup before your next dive.

We have populated BLU with known dive stores all over the world. When you signup, we ask you to choose from one of the stores near your location. If the store has yet to be fully enrolled with BLU this is our cue to reach out.

Help us build a better network and we promise to keep adding new dive sites to discover.

Want a signup code?

Find a local dive store, then using your email, we will send you a link to a streamlined (5 key press) setup of BLU on your phone

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